Oosterkerk Zwolle – 19 september 2015

Concert ter gelegenheid van de 100e editie van tijdschrift De Klarinet. Oosterkerk Zwolle

The Major Speaks to Kees – Jacques Bank

Major Taylor (1878-1932) was the first black sports superstar in the United States.
In spite of massive, openly racist opposition he succeeded in reaching the top of track race cycling. He became world champion in 1899. His racing career made him one of the wealthiest blacks in the country. Yet when he died in 1932, he was buried in a pauper’s grave in Chicago.
In 2009 Jacques Bank wrote Major Taylor, the fastest bicycle rider in the world, an opera based on Taylor’s life. In this opera the clarinet plays a very important role.

The Major speaks to Kees for clarinet solo is based on interludes from this opera.
It is dedicated to the clarinettist Kees Vos.

Major Taylor